Rogers unlock instruction

Unlock an Apple iPhone

After receiving confirmation from the unlocking department that your Apple iPhone unlock has been processed, you will need to perform one of the following to complete the unlock process.

If you have an active non-Rogers SIM card:

1.     Turn off your iPhone.

2.     Remove your Rogers SIM card from the iPhone.

o    Eject the SIM tray by inserting the SIM tool that came with your iPhone into the tiny hole next to the tray.

3.     Insert the non-Rogers SIM card back into the iPhone.

4.     Turn on the device, and complete the onscreen setup process.

If you only have an active Rogers SIM card:

1.     Back up your iPhone through Apple iCloud or Apple iTunes.

o    iCloud:

§  Tap ​Settings >iCloud >​Storage & Backup > ​Back Up Now.​

o    iTunes:

§  Click ​File > ​Devices > ​Back up.​​​

2.     Transfer  your purchases to the computer.

o    iTunes:

§  Click ​File > ​Transfer Purchases from your ​device name.​​

3.     Restore your iPhone through Apple iTunes or on your iPhone.

o    iTunes:

§  Click ​Summary > ​Restore iPhone > Restore.​​

o    iPhone:

§  Tap Settings > General > Reset >Erase all Content and Settings.

4.     Restore your contents from the back up file after the unlock process.

o    iTunes:

§  Click Summary > Restore Backup.

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