Step 1: Move your company data files.
Use Windows Explorer to copy each Company data file (Folder name is company name) from its backup location (network drive or removable media, such as a CD or DVD or portable hard disk) to the C:\EASYDATA folder.

Step 2: Install new EasyPay software.

Step 3: Copy company data files to C:\EASYDATA folder of new computer.

Step 4: Run the EasyPay.

Step 5: Create New Company.
This doesn't create new company. It is just match the company folder.
Once set up, your company(s) will appear on the Company Folders screen. 

  • Click the [New] button

  • Type the Company Name and click [OK]
    • Must be the same the existing company folder in C:\EASYDATA
    • For example: If you already have existing company as HAPPYCOMPANY, type the [HAPPYCOMPANY] in Company ID Name.


Step 6: Check the Company Information

  • Select [Edit]-[Company] from the menu

  • Check the Business No on Profile tab

  • Check the Pay Period on Defaults tab

    It is very important that you enter the correct starting pay period number if you start Easypay part way into the year.




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