Netscreen에 cati을 사용하려고 보니, cisco 장비 template가 있는데, juniper용은 없었다.

그래서 google 에서 검색한 결과 template을 다운 받아서 설치해야한다.


  1. Unzip the download
  2. Via cacti web console, click on “Import Templates” and import the file “cacti_host_template_*.xml”
  3. Via scp or other tool, copy the files “resource/snmp_queries/*.xml” into directory ”<path_cacti>/resource/snmp_queries/”
  4. Create new device using the new imported host template
  5. Check new graphs


The following graph are global to all Juniper firewalls running ScreenOS:

The following graph is specific for Juniper ISG device using IP Pools:

The following graphs are specific to Juniper ISG device containing IDP card:

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